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As a business owner with years of experience in both the retail and service industry David understands that there is a HUGE difference between signing the front of a check than to signing the back of it. 

As a professional actor he has found the ability to express certain powerful truths which inspire and motivate people to be greater than they ever thought possible.

He would love to help you or your company and to share the knowledge and wisdom he has accumulated over the years. He has an unquenchable yearning to teach and help others. In so doing he seeks to make a change in the world for a greater good and give more meaning to everyone's life.

David can be quite serious or as silly as a clown; as the situation specifies. In depth, life changing philosopher, focused motivational speaker or purely fun entertainment.

Below you will see David in action as:

Poofteh R. Jellybell, Lord Chamberlain of the Household and Herald to the King of England TM


What can one say about Poofteh? Well, first of all he is BETTER than you. He is better than David. He is better than Everyone! uh... Except the King of course, and he is not absolutely certain about that! He is an employee of the King but also the Lord Chamberlain Of The Household responsible for every miniscule nuance of the castle and the King's busy, hectic schedule. He is an effeminate snob with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and demonstrates how snobbery and narcissism lead to a lack of faith and trust. All while making you laugh of course. He will teach how the proper bootlicking servility is desirable for one's superiors, how courteousness with one's peers is preferable and how the harshest discipline is necessary for one's underlings. He will teach the importance of following the plan laid out and the consequences for thinking outside the box, The Stocks! Since he is both employee and employer he understands the "Art Of Management" intrinsically. The best leaders are the ones who know how to follow and the followers "the grunts in the trenches" often know thoroughly the immediate necessities to get the job done. When both work together, a synergy is produced that leads to unstoppable success. His audience interactive presentations will leave Everyone saying: I never thought about it that way before!

Below you will see David in action as: Winston Marlboro TM

What can I say about Winston? He will give you a flying drop-kick of truth! He was born in the backseat of a Greyhound Bus going down Highway 41. The driver pulled over into the parking lot of The Big Chicken where he was birthed. A Native American Medicine Man once told him that the spirit of the chicken entered into him making him powerful. Chickens are usually, well... chickens; but The Big Chicken's spirit was so BIG (56 feet tall) that he didn't have to run from anyone. After several mishaps on the rodeo circuit he decided to become a motivational speaker. He will teach your employees the power of honesty and simplicity. He will teach how dumb is smart and smart just don't make no sense! He will teach your employees how to ride fast, shoot straight and speak the truth. He will make them understand the pressures of management and will teach management the pressures of employees. Finally bringing both to a better understanding of their roles, their mission, their strengths and their weaknesses. Ultimately resulting in a tighter knit team where everyone can and Will perform at their best. Break out the diapers for his audience interactive presentation. The janitor will thank you for it!


Father Humility: The Priest with a Heart of Gold!

Paramedic Phil Gude: To save a Life you first have to have one to Save!


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