For Women Only

  • Training Treats For Husbands® (For the guy with just one or two flaws)
  • Training Treats® For New Husbands™ (Great for bridal showers/weddings)
  • Training Treats® For Retired Husbands™ (A whole new phase of training)
  • Training Treats® For Golfers™ (What took us so long!)
  • Husband Treats® (Thank You treats for the perfect guy — and yes, there are some of those out there!)
  • Training Treats® For Boyfriends™ (Never too early to start!)


Training Treats is an exciting, innovative and eye catching gift idea: "woman to woman or woman to man."

Training Treats for Husbands
For the Husbands with just one or two flaws.
(Does not work on major overhauls)
Kinder than a swat on the nose with a rolled up newspaper
More effective than nagging (Not Guaranteed )   $ 12.95

Training Treats for Retired Husbands
For the retired husband with time on his hands, Who’s driving  his    wife crazy with all his demands, She won’t have to nag him to get through this phase, Just dole out the Training Treats for the first few days! (Not Guaranteed)  $ 12.95

Husband Treats
For the man who is perfect. That one of a kind,
Who needs no training, good grief what a find!
Because he’s so special, So sweet and so right,
Thank him with Husband Treats Morning and night. $ 12.95

Training Treats for Golfers
For the golfer who plays in all kinds of weather, Chasing that ball till it seems like forever, You won’t have to “club” him to get his attention,
These treats will cure him, they’re the perfect invention!
(Not Guaranteed) $ 12.95

Training Treats for Boyfriends
If you think your boyfriend is a dream but he sometimes makes you want to scream,
You can turn him into the perfect man using the simple Training Treats plan.
(Not Guaranteed)
$ 12.95

Perfect for any occasion including:

"Girls Night Out", Bachelorette Parties, Special Promotions, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Bridal Showers, Home Parties, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Special Events, Thank You Gift, "Just For Fun!", Weddings,  Hostess Gift, Christmas and Gift Baskets

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