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Your Color

  As a bride, you may wander through bridal shows looking for inspiration, scan a multitude of wedding magazines, surf the Internet - all in an effort discover what appeals to your particular sense of color and drama. Ultimately, you pick those colors and textures that will personalize   each element of your wedding day, the ones that have your artistry in mind.


White   Traditional, Elegant, Sophisticated
Pastels and Soft Color Combination   Fresh, Soft, Romantic
Pink and Combinations of Pinks   Feminine, Charming, Delightful
Blues, Purples, Lavenders   Stately, Deep, Serene
Red   Opulent, Classic, Intense
Oranges, Tangerine, Coral, Peach   Vibrant, Fiery, Dramatic
Deep color combination   Rich, Lush, Sumptuous


        We believe the flowers for your wedding should be unique. We do not offer pre-prepared packages, rather we prefer to discuss your individual  
     requirements with you and tailor your wedding  specifically to your needs. We can tailor one or all aspects of your wedding, including flowers, chair  
   covers, candelabra and table accessories. As your flowers are a very personal part of your wedding plans we prefer that you make an appointment to  
     discuss your specific requirements, and we will in return provide you with a written and detailed no obligation quotation. We understand that in some  
                   cases it is not possible to make an appointment, if this is the case we will provide you with the most accurate information possible.