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Allow David to introduce New, Raw, Cutting Edge Innovations into your company such as: Duty, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Manners, Responsibility and Integrity just to name a few. See how these qualities instilled into your employees will enhance your business and lead the way in times of financial order, or in times of uncertain chaos.

How a company is perceived is by marketing and customer interaction with its employees. Negative employees lend a negative view to the company. Good employees lend a positive view to a company. It really is that simple.

A grand and sincere "mission statement" means nothing if you are perceived as smug, rude or uncaring. The proper manners and etiquette speak volumes about not only your employees, but about your company.

When employees are more confident they are naturally less stressful because they know they have the support they require. When they are loyal to the company they naturally make the best employees and when they are charming and charismatic with customers the company makes more money, bottom line!

When people meet them and see, or rather feel, that the person with whom they have just met or are doing business with is capable, gracious, helpful and affable, they naturally want to do business with them. As every good salesman knows, people buy with their emotions and justify it later with their reason.

Not only will you see a noticeable change in your employees demeanor and work habits, their family will as well! Nobility is about how one carries oneself and in what way they interact with their peers as well as with their superiors. Heroism is how they help their fellow man. These are applicable in every facet of a person's life.

Once your employees become inspired and motivated by Nobility and Heroism they will never be the same again. They will be better than they were before. Better. Stronger. Faster.

All of the programs offered are tailored and customized to fit your company and its needs. As a professional actor David knows how to make it larger than life or as reserved as your desires specify. By mixing interesting history and technical information with serious and funny stories from his personal life, your employees will not only learn they will have fun! Don't miss the About page for more presentation options. Click to download the Pre-Event Questionnaire

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