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l   Marketing Magic
    The magic of marketing is not a trick. It is the ability to capture your audiences
    attention and then show them how they will truly benefit from your product or service.
    David will show you how to work the magic!
l   The Secret Of Salesmanship
     A good salesman does not try to lie, cheat or steal. They make the customer understand.
    They speak the truth and back it up with responsibility and accountability. The ring of truth
     is not worn on the finger, it rings in the ear.
l   Customer Relations
     How to make customers feel like the most important people in the world because in
     business, they are!
l   Assets and Liabilities
    Business is interested in two things, assets and liabilities. Employees are one or the
    other. Customers are just one, Assets.
l The Art of Being Noble
     How nobility will improve your life, move your company forward, and increase sales. $$$
l Nobility - The Art of Becoming
     How to groom yourself and your employees with the leadership skills of the aristocracy.
l   Heroes In The Workplace
     Real heroes are often difficult to identify. They work selflessly for others without reward or
     recognition. A speech about why this is a desirable trait.
l Charisma 101
     How to win friends and influence people just like Dale Carnegie on steroids. Only Better!
l BE! All That We Can Be!
     An army of one is an army of none. How strength is found in unity.
l Can't We All Just Get Along?
     If you live by the sword you die by the sword. The secrets of Progressive Conflict
l If Stupidity Got Us Into This Mess, Can't Stupidity Get Us Out?
     How doing business the same as before the financial crisis is like burying your head
     in the sand.
l How To Save A Life
     Paramedic training for the layman, because seconds count!
l If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs And Blaming
     It On You... by Rudyard Kipling
     Disaster management made simple. How to take the worst situations with competent,
     intelligent, style and grace.
l To Be Or Not To Be? That Is The Question
     The cards one is holding is not near as important as how to play the hand one is dealt.
     How to make the most of your talents and then build upon them.
l Greatness Is A Choice, Not A Result!
     We are such stuff as dreams are made on. How To Dream. How To Live!

All of the programs offered are tailored and customized to fit your company and its needs. I can create a keynote, seminar or workshop at a moments notice to reflect any message you wish to disseminate. As a professional actor David knows how to make it larger than life or as reserved as your desires specify. By mixing interesting history and technical information with serious and funny stories from his personal life, your employees will not only learn they will have fun! Don't miss the About page for more presentation options.

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