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  Special Events & Parties

Plants enhance your podium, stage area, or convention booth like nothing else can. They make the perfect backdrop for sales meetings, product introduction seminars, and awards presentations. Lush foliage creates a lavish atmosphere for grand openings, seasonal parties, weddings, or a photo shoot. For such special events, we provide plants for short-term rental. We deliver, install, and pick up the plants according to your specifications. Appropriate, attractive containers are always included. In addition to plants, we can also provide beautiful fresh floral arrangements for any event. 

Sales and Rental

Plants say a great deal about a company. They show concern for aesthetics as well as the indoor environment.  When expertly placed and cared for, plants are a highly visible display of a company's success. Besides enhancing your decor, plants have health benefits as well. Today's air-tight buildings often become polluted with toxic chemicals found in glues, carpeting, plastics, fabrics, wall coverings and furniture; leading to allergies, fatigue, headaches, and other health problems. Recent NASA studies have confirmed that plants can help boost productivity as they actually "clean" our indoor air. Interior plantings help decrease stress and facilitate concentration.

We are full service company.  We provide long and short-term plant rentals. All our programs include a guaranteed maintenance contract to care for the plants. Call us today for a no-cost consultation and written proposal


We take pride in helping you choose interior plants to compliment and enhance the aesthetics of your building's structural elements and surroundings. We are expert at designing high-profile areas and we can determine which plants will work best for you based on their lighting and spacing needs. We offer you a no-cost, on-site consultation to discuss your facility's needs. We follow up this consultation with a written proposal (often the same day by fax or e-mail), outlining the plants and containers discussed, as well as our program options. 


Once a contract has been agreed upon, our team can install your interior plants in as little as 7 to 10 business days for most jobs. Sometimes our turn-around time is even sooner. Our installers are courteous, careful, and extremely professional. We can install your plants with little or no interruption to your business day. If you prefer, we are available on arranged weekends or nights for installations.


After your plants have been installed, we will send one of their many qualified and professional plant technicians to water, feed, and groom your plants on a weekly basis. When necessary, we make plant replacements before the problem is apparent to anyone. Replacements are guaranteed, immediate, and automatic and are included in the cost of your monthly maintenance fee. 

Decorative Containers

Variety of containers available as well as ceramic, metallic, fiberglass, and replica styles to suit your decor and enhance your plant choices. We feel that the container is a very important "finish" to the foliage you choose, and it adds color and style to your atmosphere. We have cylinders, squares, and everything in between, in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4 feet. We have a portfolio of style and color selections from which you can choose, and you can be assured that every container we use is made of the finest quality and designed for years of beauty and durability.

Color / Blooming Plant Rotation

In addition to our program, we can provide you with flowering plants. Choose from the classically elegant and graceful Orchid or something more tropical, such as a Bromeliad. We also offer seasonal blooming plants, such as Kalanchoe, Chrysanthemums, and, during the holidays, Poinsettias. We treat all our color/blooming plants with our usual eye to detail and are quick to rotate in a new variety or color before its predecessor is "spent."

Plant Selection

We thoroughly evaluate your facility's light levels and environmental conditions when offering you plant choices. Each plant is carefully selected and receives individual attention from the time it is selected at the nursery through installation in your office. We are pleased to be able to offer you a variety of indoor tropical foliage, and all of our plants are truly top-quality specimens:

Small Plants (1 to 3 feet in height)
Aspidistra, Bromeliads, Dwarf Peace Lily, Emerald Beauty, English Ivy, Golden Pothos, King Sago, Silver Queen, Phalaenopsis  Orhcids

Midsized Plants (3 to 5 feet in height)
Arrowhead Plant, Bamboo Palm, Black Aralia, Cactus Group, Croton, Dwarf Schefflera Bush, False Aralia, Fiddle Leaf Fig,  Peace Lily, Pigmy Date Palm, Ponytail Palm, Reflexa, Snake Plant, Phalaenopsis  Orhcid and Bromeliad

Large Plants (5 feet and over)
Arboricola Tree, Areca Palm, Corn Plant, Exotic Marginata, Ficus Alii, Ficus Nitida, Ficus Tree, Fishtail Palm, Kentia Palm, Michiko Cane, Rhapis Palm, Schefflera Amata, Yucca

Fresh Floral Displays

We provide corporate floral arrangements for many lobbies in the entire metro Atlanta area. Our quality is unsurpassed, and our designs are outstanding. We pride ourselves on delivering arrangements that look as great on Friday as they did Monday morning when delivered. Our product is fresh and created specifically for the individual client's needs and in keeping with the lobby decor. 

There's nothing like the fragrance and appeal of fresh flowers to lend sophistication and an air of prosperity to the workplace atmosphere. We offer several price points within its lobby floral rotation program, and the service always includes weekly floral delivery and pickup.

We offer corporate floral gift-giving programs. Whether the gift is for a client, tenant, guest, or employee, Affluence Floral can create that special floral gift guaranteed to impress, convey gratitude, condolences or congratulations.


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