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 Affluence Photography  is one of the finest examples of wedding photography Atlanta has to offer. We specialize in a range of wedding photography styles and themes, and have an extensive knowledge of both classic and 'off the beaten track' photographic locations around all metro Atlanta Area.

 - pushing the boundaries -

   Wedding photography in Atlanta  may be a common phenomenon, but Affluence Photography goals are to push the boundaries of standard wedding photography. We aim to capture emotion and magic in every image, to eliminate stiff poses, and to inject passion into each and every shot. While one couple may want their wedding photography to be natural, another couple may prefer more formal images: We are happy to match the wedding photography style to that of the couple.

 - years of experience -

   We are wedding photography professionals, we do have formal photographic training, years of experience, and exploration into many photojournalistic styles, means that through our wedding photography they can help realize anyone's wedding dreams.

- spontaneous and fun -

   We  understand  that wedding photographers should not dictate or dominate the wedding day. Accordingly, we will always make the wedding photography a spontaneous and fun part of your occasion; and while we may not be able to control the weather, we can certainly find the silver lining on those rainy days.

 - quality of work -

   Affluence Photography approach to photographing a wedding is unique to each individual couple. With a creative eye for detail, our wedding photographers will couple their technical knowledge with spontaneity and vibrancy to ensure every moment is captured in a natural and elegant commitment to provide quality images.                                                                    - gallery -


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